Thursday, January 21, 2010

Busy !!!!

Yo my readers...recently too busy..until cant online, cant ply facebook, cant play dota, cant play cod, cant play everything..(bullshit) well, seldom on my blog n blow water d, cz toa assignments killing type d, will try to upload soon if im free yea !! =P
looking forward to 28th of Jan, M.O.S !!! YEA !! lets rock it babe !!! haha
ciaoz !!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year eve 2010 !!!

So thursday nite was new year eve, so i plan to join my bro n his sifu dey all go to a hse party at sumwhere nearby subang old i asked sheep,wing shing,ken lee, km, n sze wei cum my bro n his sifu went dere 1st around 8 sumthing...i wait for sheep to cum n fetch me around 10 sumthing becz he gt work to do until tat ken lee n his big bro wait us at sunway pyramid 1st while sheep fetching me n wing on the way to sunway, i called sze wei n he told me he still at his fren hse...WTF?! he suppose is the one who lead us to subang old airport n nw he ffk...i duno wat i can say dun care oni, jz go sunway den oni decide...technically, we reach dere at we got to enter sunway pyramid parking area around 11.53...u can imagine hw long tat we were stuck inside the car?? n ken lee keep calling us bt we cant receive his call becz the line dere was too we dun care oni...after park sheep de unser, aledi 11.54...6 more minutes to 12 oclock...omg...we quickly sprint to the main gate of sunway pyramid through the shopping mall....den meet wif park leng dey, sudenly found out tat dey were celebrate wif dem....well, the situation on the street is like a war?? sudenly gt ppl spray u or throw the can towards u...den saw those police arrested those 'criminal' hu ply too 'insane' excited n interesting man @@....den all of us (me,sheep,wing shing,park leng,sakai,chee huang,kam soon) look so retarded sitting on the road side while the others still celebrating funny...den around 1 sumthing, we decide to leave n head to steven yum cha, so we stucked in the car around 1 hour again, beh tat nite we blow water until 4 den sakai fetch me bak...well, it's a quite boring i enjoy staying 2gather wif my fren n blow water, wif spend 100+ go clubbing!! haah =P

year 1 sem 3 result

So last tuesday was the result release day, so result is

comp graphic : B+
Drama : A-
Perspective : B-
Figure : B
Visual : B-
Culture: C+

erm this result...nt reali bad,nt reali i'm nt reli satisfied wif it...cant blame any1...i noe myself nt reli concentrate in this sem...n maybe abit cocky? n relax...n the perspective...reli unexpected a B- oni...i duno y...haihz...aledi past tense, i dun reli care d...well, wat i can do nw is activate my full force on the next sem!! no more ply ply...tat's wat in my mind nw!! YEA ^.^v