Monday, December 26, 2011

Visiting To Perth, Australia

This is the 1st time i visited to Perth. Basically Im actually enjoying my semester break in Malaysia, but my mum was forcing me to came over here have a 'vacation', (not forcing, im actually love to travel around and take pictures =P ) bt in fact she's actually wanted me to avoid my nightlife in KL, sounds embarrassing, n yea, i wish to visit either Hong Kong or USA more acutally.... LOL....btw, i'm kinda like this place, the people over here are more polite, kind and yes, Many of them look Hot, u know what i mean =P

So yea, came here almost 3 weeks, it's actually quite fun over here with my cousin and his friends, and yea i met many new friends over here, I will remember them forever, but still, i miss my msia friends as well, and yea, i nvr go for clubbing almost 2 weeks after i depart to Perth! such a healthy lifestyle i having here, but yea, last 2 days which is the night be4 christmas eve, me n my cousin frens went 2gather to an Asian Club, seriously, i prefer club over here compare to msia 1.

My wannabe Cousin, Jaxtin

King's Park View

At last, i wanted to say that i really miss malaysia food! Nasi lemak ayam, Chao Kui Tiao, Curry Chicken and many many more! I will be bak to msia on 31 of Dec which is this saturday to celebrate new year eve wif my beloved hengdai at G6 club, come and meet me there! c ya! Cheers! =)

*My next holiday station should be Hong Kong, looking forward!*

*will upload more photos wen im free!*

Monday, October 17, 2011



说真的,我很喜欢也很爱你,可是我们的性格就是那么的合不来,每天都吵架,不是我不想买给你,可是我在想,如果你要什么我买什么给你的话,那么以后会是怎样的呢?我没钱在买给你了,你就离我而去?每一天我起来的第一见做的事不是看电话查信息,而是打开你的脸书看看你有什么新的更新,这已经渐渐的成为我的习惯了,戒不掉了。每当一个更新,我就会想你在做什么?去哪里?干嘛都没告诉我的?我很清楚明白我还很喜欢你的,可是我的嘴就是那么硬,总是不承认,你也是吧?刚刚听到你的病好了点,很高兴很喜悦,可是我却假装不在乎的,因为都差不多要玩完了......最近你假期了,很希望可以带你到处走走玩玩,可是我更本分身不离,要忙功课也要忙做工。不过都到之为此了,我明白你跟着我也不会高兴幸福的,毕竟我还是个二十岁半生熟的小孩子,哈哈哈!哇,我还是第一次打出了那么肉麻的东西,不过全都是我心里的话........对了,很感谢你送我的pig pig猪,哈哈哈,现在把它们都放在床边,偶尔拿来看看,突然想起过去的是还蛮浪漫的,哈哈哈!LOL!!.........是时候说再见了...........just be friend ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thailand Hapzai Trip!!!


现在才发现原来我很久没出国游玩了,突然很想中国香港的亲戚,也想自己亲访欧洲的sh表弟表哥,还是去美国探访吹水一流的舅公?或者去那里看看好久不见的你?我还有留恋着你吗?我也不懂~~~ 可是今年年尾一定要出国游玩,用着自己赚来的钱,不靠父母。不过还有一个月多的时间才放假,还是努力一点读书吧,我要快点毕业,已经厌倦读书的生活了~~~

对了,这些都是在泰国hapzai拍的,总觉得那里的人还蛮亲切的,不过还是首都bangkok好玩,如果有机会一定会再去的!哈哈 xD

说到这里了,拜。 =D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

I'm BACK !!!

Recently my life is all about drinking, drinking and drinking, thx to Joe Mak. The heavenly beer that i ever taste which is the Kilkenny beer! Im super addicted to this, cant stop d, dream aso think about it, LOL!!!

Kilkenny !!! my favorite!!! <3

Hoegaarden !!!!

Latest funny photo of me and my gang, LOL !!! at cameron highland*

It's been few month ago i nvr step into my blog, kinda busy with many stuff like college, working, chilling wif frens, and also beer beer time! hahaha !!! Well, new sem started,it's gona be tough semester, wish me luck and god bless me! Btw, I'm in the hurry to write this post dwn becz im actually busying now and yet thinking of writing some post dwn but in my mind, im actually got nthing wana to write about now, so just simply say whatever i can say, well it's kinda bullshitting, i gotta back to my work now, will post something new after that, ciaoz! =)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

五金 factory shoot =)

erm this shooting actually requested by matthew's father. He hired me to do product shooting for him. Well, the whole process was quite smooth, although it's abit tiring and i think it's hard to shoot for this kind of photo compare with shooting models, because people won't stone there and wait you shoot for them, therefore, the understanding of the setting is quite important during this shooting. By the way, it's a new experience for shooting documentary, thx for giving me the opportunity and also the seafood lunch, im loving it! In the end, the result i was quite satisfying, and thx for the compliment, hehe. Hope u guys like it ;)

thx wevi be the model, LOL.....