Sunday, April 29, 2012

Special Day =)

2day was bersih 3.0.....well, it's just another saturday for me, nthing special, bt 1 thing is that im really dissapointed about malaysia's politic and corruption. I wish that i can quickly immigrate to the other country, maybe australia, hahaha!  =D  I give respect to the yellow warriors who went to the Bersih 3.0 event just now, u guys are awesome! yea, im nt really care about this by the way......

Oyea, here's some pictures for a new club call 'Papparazzi' and im the incharge of this club for every saturday now onwards! Well last week had our 1st trial and it's basically successful night, applause to my dearest colleague, thx for their hard work. And this week gona be a challenging week, to maintain our target. *For free guestlist or table rsvp pls do call me, 016-2151139 lee shen* hahaha  =P

Well, i guess i hav to stable my friday n saturday work so dat i can proceed to monday and friday morning job, still delaying till now, omg.......and yea, gona buy a car in the coming week, duno wat car yet, well, gona be a pressure for me, yea stil a bit of pressure is good, so that i can control myself from spending so much on the other stuff ~~~

oyea, i jz update my song playlist, maybe you should have a look, listen the song i update, one of it became my favorite, 'Drenched''s really nice, you would fall in love to it for sure.....btw, gona go now, will be continue for the latest post.....ciaoz!   =)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Daily Life ~~~

G6 crazy night with my fellow buddies last week    >.^

My favorite beer, KILKENNY !!!!   xD
西方国家的圣诞小晚餐,蛮不错的  =D
NO one can replace u babe  <3

房间里的猪仔们  =P
朋友farewell ~~~

终于放假了!一放假,就一直喝到现在,短短十天喝酒而已用了差不多一千......有点心痛,不过算了吧,钱可以再赚回来~~~ 刚好我的兄弟从penang回来kl玩,只好带他这里去那里去,然后每一玩都去喝,真的有够imba!暂时什么工作都不想开启,好好的享受我的假期先,然后好好upgrade自己,好准备以后的路会容易走些,哈哈!以上是我这几个月出去玩的时候拍的,看了看了,有点想念以前的时候,尤其是出国玩的时候,haiz。。。。

Monday, April 9, 2012


很快的,就快毕业了,踏出这个大社会了,不过应该讲我很久之前就踏出来了,见惯了社会的花花世界,也见惯了人性的种种花样,让我觉得做人其实很不容易,也让我觉得是时候长大了,也必须学会忍耐,学会忍受诱惑,学会定下来。还没毕业就找到工作了,是不是应该觉得自己很幸运呢?也会不会太快了?不管了,是时候好好找钱了,早上一班,晚上一班,虽然累,不过觉得还好,不用浪费时间在外面打滚。对了,也要供一量车,纳闷啊.........!!!! 对于感情,真的不会再去想了,不想浪费时间在这些事情上,赚够了,会怕没有女生要么?哈哈哈! =P 二十一岁了,不想再浪费时间。对了,我现在的愿望就是开自己的网站,二十五岁之前一定要有自己的公司,好好努力吧,人要有目标才会进步,也要有规划。好了,继续做我的功课了,哈哈哈。 =)

taken at perth last year, lan yeng face =P

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


From last sem, what i learned which i think it's the most interesting one would be this, publication, although i never go for any critique until the final submission, but yet i still could able to get a average result from this, im kinda satisfied d, hahahaha! =P

So basically im more into graphic style and also a typography lover with applying variety of colors. From this book, u will kinda get what i explained from the above. I created this book in 2 weeks time with 100 pages above. It's all about how the beer change the world. Well, it's might sound abit exaggerated but in fact it's actually the truth that how the beer inspired the mankind in all kind of invention and invested like how the beer helped people build the wonders of the world, pyramid and more.

well here's some graphic style that i created for my book, u may have a look =)

cover of the book

Graphic style of the book

poster of the book/ chapter of the book

experiment in variety of graphic style with different colors

Another graphic style experiment

Well, if u wanted to look for the real hard copy which is the book, u can ask from me, hehe =P
that's all i wanted to say, bye!

Monday, January 30, 2012


很快的,我就要毕业了,可是突然觉得前途茫茫~~~ 心情有点乱,正在考虑许多因素,可能继续到外国进修,或者有想过到新加坡做工,可是还是很迷惑,不过有一点还蛮高兴的,就是五月会到香港去走走,旅行,拍拍照,我的最爱!xD 也可以到深圳看看我可爱的小女侄,其实我最想念的是她们吧,哈哈哈 xD

可能是时候好好想想,决定一下了,stop slacking around dy, hahahaha =P


我的女友.....taken when i visited perth, asutralia

Monday, December 26, 2011

Visiting To Perth, Australia

This is the 1st time i visited to Perth. Basically Im actually enjoying my semester break in Malaysia, but my mum was forcing me to came over here have a 'vacation', (not forcing, im actually love to travel around and take pictures =P ) bt in fact she's actually wanted me to avoid my nightlife in KL, sounds embarrassing, n yea, i wish to visit either Hong Kong or USA more acutally.... LOL....btw, i'm kinda like this place, the people over here are more polite, kind and yes, Many of them look Hot, u know what i mean =P

So yea, came here almost 3 weeks, it's actually quite fun over here with my cousin and his friends, and yea i met many new friends over here, I will remember them forever, but still, i miss my msia friends as well, and yea, i nvr go for clubbing almost 2 weeks after i depart to Perth! such a healthy lifestyle i having here, but yea, last 2 days which is the night be4 christmas eve, me n my cousin frens went 2gather to an Asian Club, seriously, i prefer club over here compare to msia 1.

My wannabe Cousin, Jaxtin

King's Park View

At last, i wanted to say that i really miss malaysia food! Nasi lemak ayam, Chao Kui Tiao, Curry Chicken and many many more! I will be bak to msia on 31 of Dec which is this saturday to celebrate new year eve wif my beloved hengdai at G6 club, come and meet me there! c ya! Cheers! =)

*My next holiday station should be Hong Kong, looking forward!*

*will upload more photos wen im free!*