Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday outing: Dinner with Max Tan @@

ytrday friday nite,i organize a dinner with my tuition teacher,Max Tan at sri petaling,puchong curry fish head restaurant. He's my tuition teacher when im still having education in secondary skool. Last year,after spm,i promise to treat him eat but as u all noe,i took jan intake and the people who enter same college wif me,they shud noe hw many tons of assignments we hav la,so really no time to meet him again. BUT,ytrday,i try my best to push out all the offer and make my evening schedule as free as possible,haha. The people who attend: me,marcus,wai yew,lai wah,kit yen,choy meng and my LENGZAI tuition teahcer,MAX TAN!! ppl will ask me,wow ur tuition gt a cool christian name which is MAX,actually he gt no christian name,bt his lecture for math subject is very pro,so every1 call him MATH TAN (tan is his sirname) so after that,he ask us to call him MAX TAN,lmao....Back to the topic,the dinner begin at 7 oclock,my fren marcus went to my hse 1st,then i drive to wai yew hse and fetch him. 3 of us reach the restaurant 7 oclock SHARP!! bt the others,still the malaysian style,came late about 30 minutes,next time,if ur plan is 6 oclock,mz tell the people 5.30,so that they will come on time!! Max Tan and choy meng came at 7.20 sumthin, max tan doesnt change much,the body size still the same,still very funny,still look young and become lengzai d!! he always praise himself like that,although its nt the fact,all the student attend his class already used to it...and actually choy meng was last minute i called him come 1...The conversation >>me: hey u free?wana cum out and eat wif maxtan? cm: huh?i eating dinner wo,hw i cum o?last minute tell me!! me: aiyo,cum for SONG lo!!haha!! cm: c 1st la,i call max tan to confirm...dududu,he hung we still hv to wait for the other two,lai wah and kit yen..haih...finally dey came at 7.30 ++ ...during the dinner,we chit chat and talk about wat course we taking and study at which college, so..choy meng continue his studies in form 6,nt sure which skool...kit yen,sunway college,buisness course...wai yew,marketing course at tar college...marcus,engineneering,duno wat college,lol xP ...and me and lai wah,the one lo,taking same course,advertising!!lmao,she and me already same class from form 4 until i graduate in secondary skul,and nw the SAME college,SAME course!!plz..dun tell me next sem going to SAME class wif her AGAIN!! lol,no offense..oyea,talk abt the food,its quite delicious,curry fish head pot,salty sotong, egg taufu..i luv dem all...after we paid for the bill,each person 23 bucks...we left the restaurant abt 8 sumthing,and say goodbye to our beloved MAX TAN,i think everyone enjoy a good time wif him,and i definitely will treat him the other time if im free la,haha! =P after he left,say gudbye to my fren and head to another plan,i fetch wai yew and marcus to net studio that's nearby the restaurant, wai yew went bak home,me and marcus enter the cc and ply dota,haha...inside the cc,i meet sam,wing shing and fei lou,so we group a team and fight wif marcus's sentosa's a good game,we won finally...after that me,wing shing,sam and fei lou left at 10 sumthing and head to ajimal mamak that's beside zone x and yum cha. We meet the others two,min yang and ken lee there..we blow water and chit chat,i hav to say,tat fei lou really deserve the name of BLOW WATER KING!!y i said tat?u will noe after u meet him during yum cha session,haha...we blow water until 12 and let's call it a day~
I hv another good time wif all my previous tuition fren and the MAX TAN,haha..thx to giving me a good memories!! =P

Thursday OUTING !!

Ytrday went to pavillion watch moive with my fren,the ppl attend: me,kin meng,ming yang(sheep),wing shing,sam thong and his bro,small thong,haha,funny name...By the way,me and sam the brothers went there by taking lrt n monorail at 12 sumthing.Kin meng was so much earlier than us because he hav to eat breakfast wif his mum and aunt at imbi road.Min yang and wing shing came at 2 sumthin.We watch 2 movie ytrday which is the turning point of laughing gor and G.I.Joe.

Laughing Gor
rate 8/10

1st movie we watch is Turning Point of Laughing Gor.I luv this movie,although its violence but yet its many funny scene inside.Such like the scene that Anthony Wong(Ah Yat) saw his undercover to the police side which is the laughing gor(Michael Tse) bak to his side because the police ask him to be the undercover for them to investigate about the gangster.LOL!its so funny,as the Ah yat asked laughing,i ask u to be my undercover in the police side and now police ask u to be their undercover and back to his side,so hw shud i call u?Laughing said 'double undercover' 1 thing its abit complicated,can u calculate total hw many undercover in the movie?and for those who didn't watch the tvb episode E.U,dey definitely take a hard time to understand the storyline.Overall,its a good movie(thumbs up) d^.^b ...storyline is good and shocking,ending is way so cool~


rate 9.9/10

Second movie,G.I.Joe!! finally,we get to watch this movie since i wanted to watch it long time ago.This movie really impress me 99,two thumbs up!!(i rarely say words like impress me 99)!! haha...This movie,1 word,WOW!!the storyline is epic but yet abit insane,graphic is good bt compare wif transformer,its soso...i won't talk much abt this movie since every1 already watch it

After finish watching the movie,its already 7 sumthing.we went back to our place and head to psr mlm at O.U.G. Actually i will goin to hv my dinner at psr mlm but on the way to psr mlm,min yang called me and told me that he gt no car to drive out at that moment,so he suggest me drive to his home and eat steambot at his hse,so i fetch wai yew and sam to his hse to hav our dinner,haha.we left eric there because he wana ply snooker wif his fren...9 sumthing reach his hse,eat steambot...wing shing is so dam hungry tat time i guess,we all already reach our limit bt he still in process of 50%,omg...after we finish eating,we go for another plan which is yum cha at ajimal which is beside zone x,happy garden. Bt 1st we fetch kin meng home 1st since he refuse following us,maybe its too late tat time?After fetch kin meng home,we continue to our destination.Sudenly we change our plan and move to another mamak which is nearby the store at sri petaling,call Kinrara,wat's the reason we change? i duno who suggest that,the reason is Ajimal gt no lenglui to c...wat a lame reason = = we change to kinrara bt the result still the same,haih...reach there abt 11 sumthing,discuss abt the bday party for min yang,becz his bday is cuming soon, the 1st of april,which is the other day after national day,lols..either go sing k or hoho steambot,bt stil nt confirm yet..12 oclock sharp, i fetch wai yew home (y so early,its only 12 oclcok,nite is still young,my son) owh,because he already went out many days before this,i think his back side will let his mum stab 99 d,haha!! So,i went home after i drop him =)

owh,its a very good day because i enjoy the happy moment wif my fren,haha ^.^v

Sunday, August 23, 2009

DSLR camera !!

Yesterday evening,i went to lowyat wif my family to looking for the dslr camera. We go for two different shop to ask the price, bt the price is almost the same for the model i looking for. The model that i will choose is either canon 450 D or nicon 5000 D,since their price is almost the same,and my budget is around 2500 to 3000

Nikon D5000 Main Features:
1. New 2.7-in. 230k-dot Vari-angle monitor swings down approximately 90′ and rotates 180′
2. Nikon DX-format CMOS image sensor with 12.3 effective megapixels and Integrated Dust Reduction System
3. Specially designed EXPEED image processing system
4. One-touch access to Live View, which includes face priority AF and subject tracking AF
5. D-SLR movie function: D-Movie, selectable from 320 x 216 pixels, 640 x 424 pixels or 1,280 x 720 pixels in AVI format
6. 19 Scene Modes that automatically adjust exposure, image processing, Active D-Lighting and other settings for superior image quality
7. Scene Recognition System, utilizing 420-pixel RGB sensor, improves autofocus, auto exposure and auto white balance performance and is also integrated with the Face Detection System
8. Active D-Lighting for smooth tone reproduction in high-contrast environments
9. Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus sensor module featuring 11 AF points provides fast and precise autofocus coverage across the frame
10. Picture Control System offers Portrait and Landscape options for more vibrant customized colors

The EOS 450D features:
1. 12.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor
2. Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System
3. 3.5 frames per second
4. 3.0” LCD with Live View shooting
5. 9-point wide-area AF system with f/2.8 cross-type centre point
6. Picture Style image processing parameters
7. DIGIC III image processor
8. Digital Photo Professional RAW processing software1
9. Compact and Lightweight body
10. Fully compatible with all Canon EF and EF-S lenses and EX-series Speedlites

For the nikon 5000D model price is rm2900 including lens,for the canon 450D i think it's aroun 2900 ++. including lens, so its no big different for the prices,jz depend on the function. After i ask the information for this two model,wat i noe is tat canon dslr is good for taking surrounding environment pic and nikon dslr is good for taking people pic. Now im thinkin which 1 should i buy,bt most probably i will go for nikon 5000D. Besides that, the shoopkeeper is my secondary schoolmate, wat a concidence! He will giv me more discount if bring more people come to buy,so who's interested to buy wif me,plz leave a msg in my chatbox or inform me through msn
Thx =)

My old fren @@

wei hsin and sear khai @@

During the 1st week of holiday,as usual,i slp,i eat,i watch tv,i ply games,i dota,i ply bball, AND yum cha wif my frens!! this thursday and friday, i went to yum cha at nite wif my frens. Let's talk abt thursday,2day i meet bak my old schoolmate, SEAR KHAI!! it's been a long time din c u d!he doesn't change much,still tall tall and abit skinny,haha! And he's still working instead of continue his education in college. Bt he's going to enter college soon,i think it's Arpit college which is located nearby Bukit Jalil Stadium if im nt mistaken(plz correct me if im wrong). He look more mature d,and also man la.His attitude still the same, love peace hate war personality,its good wat!haha

Sze wei

For friday, i meet this guy which is also my old schoolmate in smk seri saujana!doesn't change much though,still like to cha ppl and make joke to make laughter. And now he's working for his bro inside his bro's company,which is known as OB (office boy) hahaha! I asked him,y not go for competition? and he said need to wait until december,so just working part time for his bro 1st? o.o by the way,i think OB is better than ahtelic(duno hw to spell =P) for some reason,lazy to explain much about this,he will decide himself,haha =P

Wai Yew's sweet 18 party at RedBox Garden~

19 of August,which mean this wednesday, me n my bro went to some one bday party that was held at Midvalley Garden, Redbox. And guess who, this some one is the guy who stay nearby my house and i always fetch him out for yum cha during nite time, he also was my secondary classmate in smk sri saujana (good school d^.^b) His name is Lim Wai Yew!! His party start at 9 oclock night, and i was waiting for another fren to fetch me,his name is ming yang, i call him the innocent sheep!! (his name in chinese is mean sheep,haha) he told me to prepare and wait him at 7.25 but he came at 8.10++ !! wat the!! made me wait so long!! since we are late, sheep drive his car like driving F1 car, like the petrol no need money to buy one,haha!! Fortunately,we still manage to reach on time. We reach there about 8.45 and meet them at pool centre. When we reach there, i saw a lots of my secondary schoolmate there, like Eric low,Ken lee,wing shing,edwin choo,kok how,kang wei n the bday boy wai yew.Besides that, wai yew also invited some of his college fren. After that, our group move to another destination which is Garden redbox. We enter the k-room abt 9.00 ++. Besides sing k,our package include dinner buffair!! so, wat im waiting for? the 1st thing i do is go out and grab the food as much as i can since i endure my hungryness from lunch until nw!! Besides me, Edwin choo which is also my secondary schoolmate, he also transform into a hungry ghost and eat as much as he can,just like me,haha!! After i finish my food, i join the other to sing with them. We sing song by song, i couldn't really rmb all the song we sing, bt one song, that choose by kok how, is always in my mind already! It's hardly desrcibe how funny it is if u are not on the spot! It's like we stil can handle the opening and the chorus part of the song, bt when it come to the rapping part, everyone just like simply sing the lyric because none of us can catch up!! All of us laugh until can see our shinning teeth,haha!! It's very funny if u are there! After that, it's time to sing bday song to our bday boy,wai yew! And it's come the highlight of the party, one of his college fren(a girl) giv him a kiss to grant his wish. After that, we all ask them to encore and this turn,wai yew kiss her back (not mouth la,just face)!! I think that nite,he sure too excited until cant fall asleep,haha. After we eat the cake,kang wei,wing shing and ken lee left at 12 sumthing because of their personal reason. After they left, we continue singing our song, i have to say,there's a couple which is wai yew college fren sing very well!!especially the girl!!impress me 99!! can go join astro competition d!haha. At 1.00++ am, we left redbox and head to kuchai lama to enjoy our pool session!! I had a game with Edwin Choo!lol!both of us just too 'good' la!hard to say who's the winner!haha. At 2 sumthin, we stil planning to go yum cha bt kok how wanted to go home!!owh,too bad,actuali i stil wanted to go yum cha cause I'm stil super active that time!! no choice la, the party ends here, edwin choo,kok how me n my bro follow sheep's car and went home~

In conclusion, i enjoy my night with my old schoolmate and other's college fren!! you all brings a good memories for me,thank you!hope we can meet together again! =)

By the way,now and here again, i wish the bday boy, wai yew, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and become smarter and smarter every day,and stay cute always!!lolz,sound so gay!! Moreover, you finally reach 18 already, it's the perfect timing for you to do some illegal stuff already(dun missunderstand wo)!! how good! =P

ok la,it's already 3 something going 4,time to go for bed!! ciaoz!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Good news @@

For the people who worry abt chong tan v whether he will fail or pass for his art of history subject, now im here to declare that he will not fail and he may continue his ad classes wif us on the cumin sem!! wat a good news!!! im glad to hear that!! By the way, there's message to prove that he already pass for this subject,and this message is in my phone nw!! Whoever wan to know more detail abt this message, plz leave a comment in the chatbox !! haha xD

By the way, next sem we can group again, i feel more confident and delighted !!

Let's do it again !! =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunway Lagoon !!

Last sunday,which mean the 1st day of the holiday,we plan to visit to sunway lagoon!!

In this year,it's the second time I went there actually, ppl may ask me, huh second time? Isit the entry fee is very cheap for u?! For me,its quite expensive, bt luckily im the one student,its freee of charge for the entry fee!! =P

On tat day,it's suppose gt 6 person going include me, but the other two ffk me,chin yuan and wai kin!! so in the end, there's oni 4 person: me,kin meng, kah chun, and sam went there.

We reach there about 12 smthin and left like 3 sumthing. Seriously, it's not that fun compare with the 1st time i came here, but still enjoyable with my college fren!

Aikz, going out now, i will try to desrcibe more about it when im free yea !

ciaoz !! =P


So,last saturday was the last day of having lecture in college. That day having a presentation about my final poster, bt i kinda used to it d,after pass through so many presentaiton. Bt I still gt abit rely to the note that i prepare be4 the presentaiton,nid to change this bad attitude la,lee shen!! =P

By the way,it's HOLIDAY nw!! Im full of strength nw and ready to ply as much as i can!!

I'm all time available for this coming three weeks !! Who wana see me or hang out wif me,u may contact my phone number or chat on msn!! xD

My very 1st post !!

Since it's very boring during this sem break, i decided to create a blog !!
what a surprising decision?!
By the way,it's quite early nw, i think i better go to bed =)