Sunday, October 25, 2009


So..yea friday night was the halloween night in my college...start from 6 sumthing until 9 sumthing...can say that it's very enjoyable and happy night...well lazy to talk much...pic tells thousand words (from Leo Burnette principle!! LOL !!)...enjoy!!

Cnn and Bxx Lxxx

So after the event, all of us went to rock cafe bt there's no more com for us, so we decided to move to asia cafe and ply pool...around 12 sumthing, we left and head to zone x n ply cod a while,den 2 sumthing went home's a exhausted nite bt yet it's enjoyable..ciaoz!! =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Drama Rehearsel!!!

omg drama drama drama...every week gt different topic of drama...i gona crazy continue like that,bt somehow it's quite fun during the rehearsel and watching ppl nw was the third group assignment for drama d...1st 1 total failure, second 1 consider awesome...and now third 1..nt sure yet, bt i enjoying working wif my group member, hanjie,christine,elynnn, jia min n 2day went to eekang hse for rehearsel (ytrday aso went dere, bt oni producing the script ) so i will show sum funny pic and sum recorded video..hehe,enjoy =)

Sory error upload for video,duno y...2 bad la, by the way, 2day was another fatiqued day, bt i enjoying working wif them...k la, gtg
ciaoz!! =)

Lee Shen is BACK!!!

yo everybody!! sorry for not updating my bloody damn hell boring blog these day, cz im f''king lazy and busy these day, so yea...recently,many ppl asked me y my blog din update at all 1, so to satisfying my beloved readers, so im back to blogging nw!!!

So, everyone noe that toa life is one bloody hell suffer and dying...and came to sem 3, we got a very 'interesting' subject which is drama class!! every week nid to present different kind of drama and act infront of the lecturer...basically, our drama nid to hav at least 5 to 10 minutes in order to survive in this every week nid to meeting and produce script and then act!! well, it's quite fun bt yet it's tiring!!

Beside drama class, perspective class was the another subject that attracted's something like the sims, how u plan ur furniture in ur room and make it more interesting for the project artwork, well that's the previous 1, and now here comes the new challenge which is planning a landscape and arrange it around ur so called Big big and highclass bunglow!! bt in fact it's looking forward to it...

and now come to figure class...well, it's all about human in perspective...i dun enjoy drawing outline bt i enjoy shading part,haha...and gud news to continuously got B for my figure assignment!! dam touch...i trust that ppl who work hard and they will paid off...'s all about indesign's to teach u how to produce the magazine using indesign software...quite boring, btw...2 more lesson to go,YEA!!

culture and society...second of november, my group final presentation!!! aikz,title is BLACK!! many wth in my brain..y black = = wtf mean black?? and it's 50 % for the overall result!! better prepare nicely and head to the war and rdy to fight the dark old helicopter that equip with mesin gun, i probably will bring 10 bazooka to shoot it down!! wahahahah...syiok sendiri...

and finally visual com...something like design class...i finally got to learn silk screen and batik during the workshop...arh...and the final stil nt yet be producing...sei lo!!! bt i trust that i can handle it!! gambateh!!!

k la i will end here,lastly...i will present my latest figure artwork, the most satisfying 1,hehe @@

Figure 3 assignment @@

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Moon Cake Festival ~

morning 8 go fetch fei lou n wing shing go rock cafe that nearby sunway college for chun yong's church organized competition for dota...1st game we gg our oppenet abt 20 ++ minutes bt second game we let ppl gg us,many reason made us lost in this game,1 of the reason is becz of me,din't ply well..haih...emoness fill up my heart the whole afternoon....

After that,went home at 3 den took a nap until 6 den head to marcus house for moon cake celebration...we preapre all the food and put on the table den start to eat!!

2 in 1

My retarded cousin~

Haha,a funny shot! xD

After that,me,my bro n marcus went to a snooker court and ply snooker...we ply around 1 hour den wing shing called me n chui me faster go ken lee hse,so i faster rush bak and take car n head to ken lee,reli a lots of food nt yet finish!! n fei lou dey all created sum funny action like end game!! n ken lee became the cold prince, sarangheyo,hahaha!! haha...about 12 o clock,we ply a interesting game, it's like we hv to choose 1 ppl n he hv to sing a chorus part of a song...fei lou like to sing i can c tat,wing shing rmb all the lyrics of the song!! den 12 sumthin sam (aka cnn)came...he was a reli 'good' singer!!! he sing wif a own style which is no tempo giving a speech rather than singing a song!! haha,its reli funny if u can imagine tat!! we ply until 1 den walk out to the street and dey wan to eat sum french fries,den took sum pic den went home d!!
Well,can say that 2day my heart fill wif different kind of expression which is emoness n happyness!! oyea,n happy moon cake festival to all my readers!!

me n fei lou,i wonder y our private part will be so shining,LOL!
Look clearly,sum1 is beside sheep @@

Pic of the day,marcus u can take this if u wan @@
Until den,byez!