Monday, February 22, 2010

Thailand Trip during CNY 2010 !!

petrol station for motorbike !!

will upload more when im free =)

Interview - client, Nelson corn cup

So, last last friday, me and my groupmember went to the nelson corn cup founder's house. His name is Datuk Nelson Kwok. We felt really happy and lucky cz we got to met up wif him. For my first impression, he's a typical buisnessman and also a very logical mind thinking person. He very good in market strategy. He following the market demand and always improve his product until now he manage to get the best quality product as in corn cup in the international maeket. We did learn alot in this 1 and the half our interview with him, he taught us alot about the marketing and also talk about his history, like how he get the idea of creating the concept of corn cup and so on, i hope that i can learn more thing from him...well, thx to my groupmate coming wif me, ong yihao and amily chong, i can say tat, we did a excellent job tat day!!thumbs up!! well...everything set up d, now gonna start the work for tv commercial, looking forward abt it !! @@

Nelson Corn In Cup

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moral Project - visit to SPCA

So, last saturday we went to SPCA for the sick of moral project...we reach there around 9 sumthing and left around 2 sumthing...omg, everything jz not wat i expected, the place was too smelly for me, and also dirty, not saying that i hate these dogs, but i'm jz not a dog lover, so im doing there was walking around, c c dog, den take some pic oni...well, nthing special...