Monday, May 31, 2010

Fuiyowit !!! what a good day !! xD

So today monday supposingly my mood is down because of having stupid marker rendering class at the noon 2.30, but i decided to buy new lens be4 i head to the class. My mum came along wif me. So, supposinly im looking for D90 kit lens 18 to 105 mm, but ended up, i bought 2 different lens which is 50 to 200 mm nikon lens and another 1.8 apperture nikon fix lens. The fix lens is quite handy while you come to model shooting, due to its 1.8 apperture, the background will be super blur (it's blur if compare to normal kid lens apperture 3.5). Spent around 1.5 k for this two lens, fix lens 400, 50 to 200 mm cost 1.1k.

Nikon fix lens 1.8 apperture

50 to 200mm nikon tele lens

experiment, using fix lens to took this shot in my room, as u can see, the 1.8 apperture background is F*king blur compare to my previous 3.5 apperture
phewyouwit, im rdy for shooting this saturday !! =)

Monday, May 24, 2010

This sem is F*king Busy !!!

ARGHHHhhHHH !!! i can this sem the time period is not enough to use. Although i try very hard to manage my time nicely or kfully, in the end, all my plan couldnt be working and yet, im still doing every assignment last minute..URgHHHhhHH!! today i spent my whole sunday to stay at home and finish the 4 figures and 1 marker rendering assignments...I though it be a holy*SHIT* artwork but turns out the result still not bad though @@

new subject,marker rendering @@
actually there's 4 pieces of figure, i jz uploaded 2 of dem, cz the others 2 kinda shitty, so yea~~ marker rendering kinda waste time, spent around 6 hours on it!!! jz to look realistic = = ...k la better back to work!! another shitty assignment, PINHOLE !!! handmade camera and it can take a pic wif having a lomo effect !! i rather spend 200 ++ to buy a new lomocam~~ haizz~~

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Advertising Principle tvc - Nelson corn in cup

This is a student project work from The One Academy. This is the 1st version of our group tvc which consist of 5 minutes time line. Group member: lee shen(me), yi hao, tan v and amily chong. We using story telling in this tvc to send the message to the audience. It's similar to the style of petronas tvc. Well, we got a good response from lur client and the lecturer. Sorry for the noob video quality!! Hope u all will like it! ~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FML!!! new sem started d !!!

as you can see, FML!! 3 weeks of holidays jz like 3 days, like i close my eyes on the night, the other day morning open eyes coll reopen d!! if god grant me for 3 wishes, one of them confirm is delay the coll reopen due date to 1 more week later!! or perhaps 2 weeks?? hehe... well, maybe it's a good thing to start my coll earlier, cz get to learn something new. Frankly speaking, i really gt no motivation in this sem lo, duno why, not like last sem, full spirited form...maybe felt tired d, wana relax more, sick of competing. Hmmm, started my coll last 2 days ago, kinda dun like marker rendering, jz like drawing 2, FML (my drawing 2 suck = = ) bt at least no nid to combine those poster colour, dam 7 mafan 1, wat i nid is a wacom and i can do my work d...erm about marketing strategy and planning, almost the same course like previous sem de advertising principle, bt i think this 1 is more challenging, since there's 3 groups doing in 1 product only!! and 2day finally had my photography class!! omg, the lecturer is a celebrity?! diao, he's dam 7 good looking, all the girls dam happy and even some of dem de face blushing (face turn red) while saw the lecturer, i dun wan say hu la, my classmate shud noe,haha!! well, this sem gt packaging design, gona be a tough 1 for me = =, since i hate it from last year until nw!! n aso typo applied, shud be no problem for me kua, nt really care though ~~ at last, hope this sem will be a peaceful sem, no war and no argue~~

so, here's the result dat i got for last sem which is the year 2 sem 1 result, hmm, it's kinda out of my expectation, bt it's consider good, compare to the previous sem~
Advertising principle : A
Print and Production : A-
Visual fundemental : B+
Typography : B
Moral : C+ (i dun care actually 4 this subject)
well, everything was in my expectation besides typo, well, B oni, i tot at least gt B+ or A-, eekang gona confront i ching tmr for this!! haizz, next sem gambateh abit lo~~ adveritising principle, everyone score actually, it's a most simple subject through out the whole sem as long as u put 100% effort for it...cgpp, well, i have to say im really lucky for this~~ dats it, lazy type more d, ciaoz~~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

葉問 IP MAN 2 awesome !!

i had watched it twice in the sembreak !! 1st time watched together with sheila and sheep at MBO (becz it's more convenience) second time aso at MBO !! with park leng, jun hin, wai yew, ken lee, sheep, wing shing and shukky (ken lee's fren) ~~ well, although i watched it the second time, but it's still worth it to watch it over again, i like how the yip man fighting and whacking dat cilaka western boxer (a.k.a world champion = =) there's some other scene dat i like which is the scene dat yip man fighting against 10 ppl or more than dat in order to rescue his student (wong duno wat~~) it's continue his legend after the 1st time he versus 10 japan noob ppl~~ ( ngo oi sap ko,i wan 10 !!) besides dat, the scene which is yip man challenging all the martial master at the coffee shop. The fight of yip man and the Hung zan nam ( Sammo Hung ) was superb!! and also the fight btw yip man and the lanjiao twister so called the world champion (in the end, let yip man twister 9 him 1~~) Well, i like the last sentence dat yip man said, which mean that both Chinese and Western martial arts, although different in many ways, are equal and that both races should come to understand and respect each other. Well, to those whoever nvr watch it, quickly head to the nearest theatre and buy the ticket then enjoy the show!! ~~

rate : 9.5/10 @@