Monday, September 28, 2009

Visit to sunway hospital ~

2day i woke up at 2 and den folo my mum went to sunway hospital to visit my cousin. well,he look good wen i c him n he was lying on the bed cant move at all,well,i guess none of any patient can move freely abt 3 to 4 days after the surgery...i can c that he look very awful and suffering for his illness,bt from his sight,i can c that he will endure and fight for his life until the last moment...he told me,i miss my home d,i wana go home nw,i dun wana stay in hospital anymore,although it's oni 1 minute or 1 sec ....well if that small hole inside the lung still cant recover,i guess there's another surgery waiting for him this from the doctor information,it's wun risk for his life...haih,jz hope him faster recover from his illness and get bak to his ordinary living...besides that,i aso took sum pic becz i brought my dick zai along,well...turns out a good result after slightly of editing >>>

My little cousin,inspire from the words 'i wana go home'

so,around 5 oclock,i folo mum went bak home,den nite 6 sumthing went out hv dinner wif fei lou,sam n ken lee..really funny,we decided to eat nicer food for our dinner (of cz the price aso nicer) so wen we sit dwn and we got the menu,den dey all told me dey bring abit money out oni,wthness?? eat dinner aso din bring money out?? (me aso the same,haha) so no choice,we faster leave the restaurant n den run to the mamak stall n hv our dinner lo,'s super duper awkward wen we planning to walk out from the restaurant,haih...after dinner,went to dakei again! zzz!! ken lee,got a new name for nw, alarm boy,or a.k.a bazuka lou, i think i betta stop here,its getting late nw,got to bed,ciaoz!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

At least im not regret ~

this post i wanted to type it out long times ago,bt everytime my mind was thinking abt this,nah,i will jz tell myself it's aledy pass,so there's no point to look bak den,bt these days her blurry image always came into my mind,made me recall all the memories she brings to me last long days.hmmm, be honest,i cant really forget her until this moment although i wanted,i wish i jz like a computer can delete the unusable file or reformat again so that the i can forget everything abt we r human beings,sumthing cant delete den really cant,jz like the day i pass through wif her. It's bliss bt yet suffering,neither me or her...time flies rapidly,i nw oni realize tat it's aledi been 1 year abt tat and i jz felt like it oni happen last nite...hmmm,i cant really rmb the 1st conversation tat i had wif u or aso hw we trigger our relationship...these all,r jz too long ago,i think it's happen during the end of year holiday wen im still 14 years old,i rmb hw we contact each other during form 3 by nt using handphone or hse phone or msn,bt writting letter to each other to keep in touch...well,park leng helps alot tat time,my english lvl nt gud enough jz to write a damn letter for her,so park leng helped me out,and aso nicole,thx for transferring the letter everyday 2 days just to helping me to build up the relationship wif her...i rmb every time i got the letter from nicole,i will get really excited,duno y,every sentences she wrote in the letter jz like the sweet candy for me,it's sweet and touching. I read dem over and over again and keep dem nicely in my wallet,until nw,i still keep sum of dem wif me,duno y,i cant force myself to throw dem into the rubbish bin...hmmm,there's another thing i will nt forget in my whole life,it's quite stupid wen i thinking abt it nw,bt im think im dun regret to do's during form 3 classes,we look for each other between the damn stupid window of my class,cz im morning session n she was afternoon session,i rmb every time going to 12 afternoon,i will switch place wif the student that's sit beside the window,jz to seek for sum1,n it's quite funny rite? I've been doing this for almost every day throughout the whole year...hmm,i talk until here,it's very late nw,i will continue if im free ~BYE!!

Tuesday Night, Night Market Operation!! @@

This tuesday night,there's a night market nearby my house,it's consider big compare to others night market...well,i can say tat every tuesday night,u can spot me at dere,cz usually i will spend my tuesday nite at night market every week...y i like to walk night market??it's hard to explain,many ppl luv to hang out dere,things r cheaper,multiple junk food 2nite i gt another reason to dere,which is do research n take pic for the visual com project,'s one hell the perfect excusses for me to tell my mum!! i reli did took sum pic for tat day evening,me n my bro folo parents hv dinner at happy garden Ho Kei restaurant wif other relative...tat restaurant is specify for the fish ingredients,normally,ppl go dere aso eat fish 1,the price is consider cheap compare to other restaurant if u ask for a cooked fish me n bro left earlier at 8 and go n fetch kang wei and wai yew to psr mlm...we meet wif our fren at the usual place which is the sai mai lou stall tat's opposite of the chau taufu stall...

so,8.30,all of dem reach,sheep,sze wei,km,wing shing....while we having the sai mai lou,sum1 show up infront of sheep,a.v.i person for sheep,she was buying sai mai lou!! i dun wan say hu sheep sudenly becam so delighted and energetic, i took nt reli much pic tat nite,cz its very crowded place dere,n it's rude to take ppl's stall pic without their permission,so i wil jz curi curi take lo,haha....abt 9 sumthing,we left night market and head to zone x and cod again!!hahaha...park leng show up half way...we ply until 11 sumthin den came out n yum cha a while,around 12 sumthin,me,my bro and wai yew left earlier becz my mum gona kill me if i stil dun wana bak home,here's sum snapshot at psr mlm,enjoy @@

wai yew and me (sexy back),sze wei(black shirt)


Km and kang wei

kang wei,my bro and sheep

Until den,bye~

Sam Thong Birtday Party ~

well,this post will nt be support by pic,cz i din bring camera there,so it will look boring,i wll try to get from sum1 who got the camera tat day...So,its abt sam thong bday(a guy who study in the one,my junior,a.k.a cnn,class ccd0905-2) ,its last saturday, at shabu shabyu steambot restaurant,start at 8,bt u noe la,malaysian style,always late 30 minutes,so the correct time is 8.30 or 6 sumthing i arrived there wif my bro,so we went to the cc nearby the restaurant and dakei,my parents nt aloud me to bring dick zai along cz dey scare i will lost it?! wthness?? i let dem stun jor (mirana + alchemist + techie stun = 25 sec, idioms by fei lou) haih,nvm lo,so sorry for no nice pic for this post...

Kuchai lama Shabu Shabu

So until 8,me n bro walk to the restaurant and wait for the others,that day was sam's bday,he shud be very happy and relax,bt in fact,he became ah mat and fetch others participants to the restaurant,n he took 2 rounds to fetch all the ppl, OMG?! he said many double L cuming tat day,which mean oni 5 guys and 10 sumthin double L cum for his bday party,bt turns out the result reverse, another Wthness!! so all of us began the eat abt 8 sumthin after all,many the one student came,its either ccd0905-2 or fcd0905-2...wei hao,ice cream,bee lian,ah yi and his sadly,fei lou cant come cz he was at shanghai tat day,meet his elder bro,bt i think he aso wana cum 1,cz Bxx Lxxx came,hahaha

woohoo,actually i think tat day it's a gud chance to accomplish sumthin complicated for me,abt relationship 1,bt i choose to nt talk abt it here,haha..BUT!! we sit on different table!! another WTHness!! i tot supposingly we will sit 2gather in a big table bt every1 of us have been seperated into 6 table,4 ppl each,so i no chance lo,haih...n tat stupid szei wei dun dare to sit wif others 2 girl at the another table,so me,wing shing,my bro and kenlee and tat two ppl squish into 1 table,so uncomfortable man!!...Talk abt the restaurant,i quite in love of the environment dere,and it's like the japan sushi restaurant,a mesin to transfer the food for u to choose,like sushi king...well,sum incident happens tat day,so sam's mum argue wif the manager and at last the manager gave us 50 % discount!!walaoeh!! well,its another good spot for me to bring my gf dere next time,hahahahahaha...

so after finish eating,it's aledi 11 sumthing!! sheep came after he worked,so me,km,sze wei,wing shing,my bro,ken lee,sheep left earlier to zone x and dakei while sam n his fren still eating dere...we ply cod again,these days i fall in luv to cod d,no more dota liao,haha...we ply until 1 den came out and saw sam n his fren! we yum cha until 1 sumthing den i folo sam's car bak home...tat's all for 2day!!

Sam Thong (thx to me,this pic he look lengzai d,lol!!)

at the end,here i wish Sam Thong happy bday again,do better in ur studies,dun always go out yum cha wif me la,hahaha...and aso dun always eat roti tisu wif 5 layer susu,hahaa..k la the end!!BYE!!

The second day - visual com class

well,its abt last tuesday class which is the second class after i change to dash 2..yea i noe its abit late to post out nw bt its still better than nthin,keke...well nt much time for me to write grandmother story nw,cz goin to upload 3 post in the shot...well,here it go...second day,1st class for visual com...lecturer: Mrs. xxx (duno her name) its the second class after i join dash 2,every1 look new to me,km n yihao too...1st day assignment,take 4 interesting pic and draw a mind map for the theme of either psr mlm or satu,its work wif the group,me,km n tan v 1 group,i group wif tan v many times d,so its ok,km...i think the last time i group wif him was 1st sem history final project, and aso the 1st time i be the leader,since km dun wan and tan v lazy,so nvm hope 4 the best to us!! ^-^ here some snapshot during the class >>>

Eekang,class crab (mh bkb)

rate 6/10

After the class,we went for a movie,a singaporean hormedy movie,call...forgot the name d,duno wat wat wat gt ghost 1...aiyo,kinda funny,kinda scary,kinda cold for sum 'funny' scene...well,there's 3 story in this movie,i like the third tale,which is the story abt the 3 son and their past mother,its very touching and abit scary,wen their mother pop up from the tv and etc...well,no comment...i nt reli like this kind of movie,no point??

so after the movie,i went bak home wif km and lai wah,the story end here
until den,bye~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

well,finally my laptop finish formating and return to my side again!! yay!! time to blogging!! bt due to the lack of time,i will oni talk abt 2day story...erm...nthing so special 4 2day cg3 class,finish 1 assignment in class as usual,and aso nid to show the process of the project to helena c,erm..i very hardworking 1 lo,u all noe 1 lo,i finish all the work she asked me to do last week 4 the project all the setting and arrangement was wrong!! omg...lucky she gave me a chance to rechange it again...well,at last i still manage to get a good mark fr it,hehe @@ that tan v,aso the same,done aso,bt all wrong 1,cz he following my instruction ma,so 2gather die lo...he was agitated and #$%#& me,bt i as cool as usual,cz i always noe that ship will becum straight when it reach the harbour (translate to cantonese) (idiom from kah chun) ^-^

well,both of us 1 die,haha..after the class,went to burger king hv my lunch wif mh,km,tanv,ccy,and kah chun,n aso yihao...nt bad the burger dere...den head to cc ply cod after tat...quite fun actually,sudenly came 1 player name cidos,spoil my mood,cz he quite pro,n he's at oppenet team,so i suffer alot in order eliminate him!!! 3 sumthin i folo km car bak...tat's all 4 2day!! well,i will upload more abt last week thingy...lastly,dedicated u all sum funny pic of me..since no pic 4 tis post will look very boring, tadaa >>>

Me (taken by jiamin,new classmate) ^_^

Until den,farewell~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Buisness di-stop-ing

As u can c,buisness di-stop-ing,means this blog will down these days until this cuming saturday,due to the stupid laptop reformating,i cant upload any pic from my dick zai into my blogger for u all to enjoy,well...i gt many things wana share,bt maybe next time,haha...hari raya holidays jz very irritating,everyday raining...hv to stay at home doin nthing,jz like inside the jail!! @@ Jz be patient my beloved readers !! i will try upload anything i gt after i got bak my laptop!!

Until den,bye!! ~ ^-^

Monday, September 14, 2009

An interesting monday !! @@

so, i finally got the approve letter,nw i'm officially ad0901-2 student!!,after i got the letter,its already 12 sumthing going 1,i noe that tan v class start at 1,so i go join them while better than waiting there nothing to do until 2 just for perspective that's the 1st class i hv in ad0901-2..well,the ppl there look friendly but i duno anyone of dem,except rocky,lihua,daniel,mun hong and tan v,the previous cd0901-2 classmate,haha...

well,they currently having culture and society class...the lecturer,duno wat name,a 60 years old indian ah ma,jz like mark,like to throw question that ppl hardly answer,bt there's something different between mark n her, she like to question ppl and expect to get a perfect answer from the ppl,example like, a girls wearing MJ (mickhael jackson) bt she doesnt really like him,den the lecturer will ask y u dun like him bt u still wearing his shirt,n who is MJ??the girl cant answer it and said duno...then the lecturer said,if i were u,i will go suicide myself ?! LOL!! so pedas!! bt i kinda like it, hahaha...well,the class jz like, cha lei cha hui (read in cantonese) class,and sumhow,i think its the special stage for mh to show his blow water story,although at last he lost to the lecturer,bt i still will support u,haha =)

So,let's proceed to the perspective class...hmm,its the last class that i attending as ad0901-1 student,so kinda cherish the time and moment i spent wif dem during the lecture...i realise that ppl will finally cherish sumthing wen the end is near,haha...well,2day is the 1st class of perspective studies,so lecturer ask us to go around toa and find a 'corridor' and sketch it out,well..its kinda ez i thought?! bt im kinda slow,made me nt enough time to finish the second 1,aiyoyo = =

My 1st sketch,well second consider incomplete,so wun post out =)

After we finish the sketch, we got bak to the class...wen the lecturer (LCK) brief us abt the 4 principle of perspective,i kinda feel like im having math lesson wen im in secondary skul, its ok,i like math!! xD ...oya,xinyi bought her cookies cum and let us try,wow!! really unexpected, its a really a good 1!! i like it!! plz make me the other time u bake wo,haha =D yea,tat's all abt 2day!! ciaoz!!

Xinyi's cookies !!

Xinyi herself n her cookies!! @@

well,finally the time has come ~

Finally,it's monday morning !! time to get the result for changing class thingy...well im always positive thinking minded,so i think i shud be lucky to get a yes for changing class unfortunately,my request had be rejected while yi hao and km punya aledi be accepted !! wth !! Y?!! well,i got this information from km at this morning 10 oclock sharp while im still dreaming and lying on my bed!! Since im still half awake,so wat he said im still abit blur...he said:" hey,me and yihao pass d,bt urs aledi been rejcted!! u go ask dash 2,c whether gt ppl wana swap wif u anot!!" wt F* !! that's the 1st word that came out from my mind!! sudenly,i thought he maybe sin ka me,well i always positive minded,so i guess he sinka me 1 la,so i said:"oic @@ " den hung up den got bak to slp again!! haha xD well, i cant slp well after that,since that stupid thing bother me!! I CANT CHANGE TO CD0901-2 !! Y?! isit true?! Aiyo,so mafan and dulan 1 lo,i get up and change my cloth den went out and hav my 'breakfast' wif my mum and bro 1st,den around 11 sumthing head to the one and find out the 'ANSWER'!! well, wat km said is true!! aiyoyo, my mood sudenly becum so down man!!

BT...there's a turning point becz my MUM came!! omg,luckily she came wif me,if nt i think i will still remain in cd0901-1 !! well i kinda lazy to describe the situation and hw my mum argue wif dem,so if u r curious,u can cum n ask me personally,,finally dey approve my request !! yea babe, my mood jz like sudenly i got a pair of wings and can fly over the sky!! lmao..well, i hav say thx to my beloved mum and anothr ppl...she's the officer who work in the sra department,bt i dont noe her name,i will list out after i noe her name!! she's very kind and confident...after i told her my problem,she told me,"no problem,i help u solve it,jz wait a minute." den after a while of discussion,she came and told me,here,take it (she hand up the request form to me) and said, u can attend to dash 2 classes from now on!! omg...HAPPY!! thumbs up d^.^b haha...

Yay,finally got it!!! @@

haha,im happy yet feel abit sad while i received this letter,im happy that i finally got to change class to dash 2,while sad is about leaving some others fren over dash one...well,im nt heartless,im actually nt reli hope to separate wif dem,bt no choice...i will definitely miss dem after i change to dash 2...the 1st person who i come in my mind is...i guess..sunwoo?! wat?! why the hell is him?!! becz he's from korea?? nope,nt at all (although i like korea) lol...duno y...although i gt abit nt satisfied on the history final project that working the same group wif him,bt think from another perspective,he jz dun wana take a risk...well,sumtime he was rite,i guess so...besides that,he aso my design 2 group member last sem,hmm...i hv to say thx to him,thx to accepting me while others looks dwn on me,that's the moment i cant ever forget...well dun ask me wat happen that time,dash 2 ppl shud noe abt,wat i noe is,ppl will improve through the hard times he walk through,i recall the memories that the time i spend wif him during the time we work on the recycle art,well its fun and im enjoying bt nt the time doing history 1,haha...besides him,sueen ,xinyi,chin yuen,kelly,wai kin and sam..well,i will miss u all,haha =)

Until then,ciaoz !!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Photography Night =D

Well,2day saturday,tot wana check for the class list whether am i being approve already,bt wen i called to the sra,dey asked me to cum all the way to the one and check myself...aiyo so mafan lo,so i wait yihao to check,bt wen he went there,the office already closed!! wat the F* !! nid to wait until next monday d!! = = it's actually another boring saturday, so i plan to go psr mlm wif others fren which is wai yew and ken oni 3 of us,so luckily,my fren who work part time in mid valley called me and ask me to fetch them back!! lmao, nvm la,since i very boring and the psr mlm plan cancel d,so i decided to drive there and bring dem home!! sudenly, i thought abt taking photo since i 1st time drive to mid valley and it's nite time!! i nvr try to take pic in the nite time be4, so i plan 4 a nite photography session,and i gt a long period din touch my dick zai d, therefore 2nite was the time!!wahahaha...
sudenly, fei lou called me wana go mid valley ply pool and yum cha at kim gary!! wth..its ok,lucky i gt $$$ nw,so i accept his 8.30.... i fetch fei lou and sam and reach mid valley abt 9 o clock... well,sumthing really funny happen during the time i went to their home and fetch them,u can go visit scott's blog (fei lou) if u r curious abt it !! =P

Sheep @@

After we reach there, we 1st go find sheep 1st who working at jeep, then find wing shing at bodyglove shop, chat a while then head to top floor ply pool @@ ..i took some pic along

so, we ply 1 hour game, wing shing and sheep join us after they finish their work, fei lou really pro, sam ok, ming yang aso nt bad!! @@ so we left around 11 sharp !!

wing shing against sheep

sam in action (food) xP

two of them aso nt bad @@

he look like tae yang @@ (happy leh)

He look like professional

me on fire =P

well,i like this pic,look unique,haha @@

So,we left at 11, wen we walked out from the pool court, there's only few people still hanging around there,including us,haha...well,i think it's the third time i saw the late night atmosphere of mid valley and the garden, while the 1st time was the secondary skul prom night and second time was hanging out wif sum others fren, bt i gt no camera that time,so i cant catch some nice pic that moment,nw finally gt a chance!! ^.^v well, i can take any pic and do any pose since no 1 will looking at me,haha..and somehow i prefer late night mid valley rather than day time 1,its so peaceful and silent, bt aso abit scary la, no 1 there and abit darker..

nice car @@

Actually we plan to havc our supper at kim gary,bt wing shing bo sui d.. so, we change plan to hav our supper nearby sheep hse which is at o.u.g..we hav sum chicken wings and chau kui tiao...i say wan add si ham while fei lou dun wan si ham 1,bt i think no different whether gt add or nt, cz i hardly can find any si ham in my chai kui tiao!! we blow water until 12 den i fetch dey all home!!

after i drop dey all home d,i aso head bak to my hse,bt wen i reach my hse,i oni realize that i gt no key to enter my hse!! wth !! my parents stil at their fren's hse,my bro yum cha at happy garden wif park leng dey all,so no choice,i drive all the way to happy garden abc and yum cha wif dem lo...well,i no regret to drove there cz i manage to catch some really cool pic on the road that beside the abc mamak!! there's no car during that time,its already 12 sumthing..

Abc mamak

my bro,sear khai,cow

so dey chit chat and i take my pic until 1 oclock, my parents came and we go home 2gather!!wow it's the 1st time, me drive 1 car,my parents another car,my bro ride motorbike, funny @@ In conclusion, it's a really wonderful nite, hope next time still gt this kind of outing,haha @@
So i will show u all some pic i took and edited, i quite satisfied wif the outcome @@

Up side Down

arh suppose to blur the front chair and make the burger stall clearer

Sheep's took 1,nt bad rite @@

sumwhere near happy garden,wai sek kai

Sheep took aso,nice

well,i luv this the most !! @@

this nt bad either @@

Until Then,Bye ~