Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I started to realize marker is so dam fun !!

The starting of this marker class, i really dam hate this subject because it take so dam long time to finish 1 piece of artwork and also i got phobia from the previous sem which is year 1 sem 2 drawing 2 class, it's something similar of that class (i dam hate this becz im always the last 1 to finish the artwork and also my grade isnt dat great), which is like using different of colour (nid to explore the colour urself and experiment in order to get the true colour) and paint it on a piece of water colour paper. The only different now is using wacom instead of using brush and poster colour. So yeah, today got critic by my lecturer boon siong, woots, he gave me an F*king A for the latest artwork !! omFg, i didnt expect an A for this shit actually!! but in fact i got it! well, maybe i ate alots of chicken recently, dam kai lo~~ haha, so cold rite ~~ =.=v

here's the marker i did recently, all of them spent almost all my F*king weekend to finished it!!

My 1st A for marker !! ^.^v

Oyea, jz now after marker class, me n my gang went for a photoshooting session nearby toa,sunway area. We were trying to finish our shutterspeed assignment, motion 1 ~~ all the pics below are strictly no edit or ps-ed. Play with the setting of shutterspeed and apperture. Used tripod with this.

I love this

This also my favourite, bt my fren reserve d~~

used a flash light to cr8 a lomo-like or perhaps vintage effect

i luv this too

Another syiok saturday night !!

I think this is a week earlier be4 the maison night. That night, actually having a futsall game at kuchai score arena, after the game thought of going to cc and dakei but all of them go yum cha, and i saw elynn msg appear and it said "got come insomia?" so after i saw this msg, i quickly drove bak to home, shower den quickly go to fetch sh sheep den str8 head to insomia. Well, it's acutally elyn's fren bday celebration, but since it's a party, every1 can join~~ mh,tan v and alton actually came be4 i reach. Elyn n Ebll were so high dat nite, keep pulling me to the dancefloor which is full of spring at the bottom. Quie fun actually. Around 2, we decided to left insomia and went to bamboo becz ebell's bf, chris was spinning in that club. If let me vote, i will vote bamboo becz the music and the environment are more nicer. I actually drunk in bamboo and kena fool by all my fren. Elyn keep slap me becz of coco incident~~ But bamboo de ah pak dam irritating, keep pull the girl to the stage and ask dem to dance? dey even pull ebell and when i saw it, i quickly pull her bak from them (i nt yet drunk dat moment!!) dam hero rite? haha ~~

drunk 9 d, sh tan v did some retarded pose

in insomia, again sh tan v

bday boi on the right

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wonderful saturday ~~

Last Saturday was really a fatiqued day i can say. From early morning 7 am until the other day 6 am, really crazy!! morning 7 o clcok woke up, den let eason ffk, i go fetch pohyeng and jolin myself. Luckily i stil manage to found their places, cz i was like 1st time driving to serdang and also putrajaya!! kena F* by km n mh cz i told them gather at there around 7.30 but at dat time i was still fetching those girls, haha....so we start to shoot around 9 something at the putrajaya bridge. Outcome still satisfying. we left around 2 something cz jolin said she nid to work at 3 at mid.v starbucks...but then, we had lost and came to Nilai !!! thx to LPY* she said folo seremban*
we used around 1 hours ++ to got bak to Kl and jolin was late for her work, felt sori to her~~ den i ffk eekang once again, he waited me like 2 hours in carfour for cutting hair 2gather but we accidently lost in the highway, so cant blame me~~ at the end, couldnt cut my hair and i got bak to home around 6 something. Took a nap for 1 hour, den 10 o clock, sei zai km and wai yin came my hse, dey tumpang my car. Actually dont fee like goin 1 but since dey came d, no choice, dipaksa go~~ meet many primary school fren dat night, in the club~~ and the teacher aso, she is the one who suggest to go club~~ LOL!! met pohyeng dat nite in maison, n wth she asked me help her to carry her bag...so whole nite i was like carrying her bag and walk over the club~~ km and sheila drunk dat night, so bei la dem~~ reach home around 5 something in the morning!! really imba energizer body i have, salute myself ~~

My primary school teacher, she kept asked me dun call her 'teacher' LOL
duno wen i took this shot, i was drunk dat time ~~

here's some pic i took dat day ~~

Jessica, eekang's model