Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hectic + Fatiqued week !!! (working week)

1st of all, felt abit regret dat accepted the part time job at mid valley, cause the day i worked for 3 or 4 days, i felt it's abit wasting my precious time!! i should staying at home enjoy my holidays or even can search for tutorial to improve my f*king lousy skill!!! I gt many things still need to do!! haizz, but on top of dat, i learned something from this job, well, lazy explain here~ btw, i hope my classmate also enjoy their holidays well~

here's some latest picture i would like to share wif u all, hope u all like it~

oya, recently, love to listen celine dion's beauty and the beast, haha, juz say for fun~
off to bed,ciaoz! ~

Thursday, April 15, 2010

After the day of rushing the projects

So, sem break is coming, after rushing those assignments and projects, it's time to breath and have FUN!!! wana go crazy in this SEM BREAK!! no more fking assignments and fking projects!! and jz wana have fun!! haha....btw, there's one thing that delighted my day during the days i rushing my cb projects, which is my typo brochure had showed up on the The One Academy open day at the Ad showroom!! very surprised actually, i didnt think about whether gona show up anot, jz concentrate at my cb projects!! well, besides me, there's 5 more very imba brouchure design which design by the very imba typo-ians ppl which came from my class aso showed up as well ~ Congratz to them and me, at last our effort well paid in the end!!! =D

My brouchure consist of 16 different pages design, here's two of the sample

Mine is the Yellow booklet-like which at the bottom there,hehe =P

Besides typo brouchure design,there's 1 more final project for typo which is the poster design. Well, since i luv to club alots, so i decided to design a club poster. Actually personally i didnt think it look like a club poster, but hope u all will like it ~ don't ask me how to did it, just using simple method and severe effort to do it !!!

white version, there's balck version as well ~

Besides Typo, ad principle also end with a very peaceful ending, our client, Dato Nelson attended our presentation and gave alots of encourage words or even many compliments to our gorup's work!! well, me myself felt like it's not too good but as well as he likes it, then should be not the problem~ or yea, there's 1 tvc with this ad campaign, will upload it as fast as possible, very touching 1, hope u all will like it,hehe @@

Well,that's what i want to say here, ciaoz!! ~