Thursday, October 7, 2010

Model Shooting 2

Well, this is the second time i shot for poh yeng, the 1st time actually was on last 4 months ago, she helped out for my photography assignment, so to thanks her once again, i invited her out and shoot some nice photo for her again, haha fact the story it's actually my classmate jiamin asked me to help her in model shooting which is actually shooting her 3 fren's. At first, im thinking dat hw can i 1 person handle 3 model in the same time, so i asked kin meng, rocky and daniel come 2gather. After that, the day be4 the shooting, poh yeng find me and chat wif me. So i was thinking like since it's a model shooting, why not ask her out also, so dat i can shoot for her aso in the same day~~ So the same day, 4 person shoot 4 models~~~ At 1st, i str8 away choose poh yeng cz im more close to her, while the rest...i duno~~~

Actually we are shooting around pavillion, but then i realize that pavillion's background really flat and not really matching with poh yeng outfit, i requested to change location to the old ktm station, well it turns out going well at there. We are lucky becz when we reach the station, it's around 5 sumthing, and the lightning during that period can say is the most gorgeous lightning ever since the sun is going down. Actually i tried some back lightning shot and it look really nice, will upload later den. Besides, i felt abit guilty becz i didnt shoot for jia min's fren but only shoot for pohyeng. At the 1st time, jia min actually asked me to shoot for her fren but turns out km and rocky shot dem, paiseh ~~~ but km n rocky's skill also nt bad 1, jia min fren were satisfied with the result i guess ~~~ it's a very tiring day, but im satisfied becz i got to shot some good photo....dats all, ciaoz ~~~