Saturday, August 28, 2010

Macbook Pro !!! =D

Yea!!! at last, i bought macbook pro, thx to my lovable parents!! Seriously, it's consider a concidence or perhaps a surprise to got this macbook. Hmmm, actually I wouldn't get it so much earlier but becz of my bro goin to penang and my mum wanted to buy him a laptop, so mine will be giving to him and i will be buying a new 1. Not saying that me n my mum being very cruel and evil to my bro, actually my mum wanted to buy him a new 1, but since in the future, she also will buy me a macbook, come to think about the money wise, in the end, she buy me a macbook instead of wasting money to buy him*my bro a new laptop~~ and my toshiba laptop is good enough for my bro to watch movie and etc**

after unboxed

inside the box

the macbook pro!!

So, ytrday me n my mum went to mid.vally's machines shoplot to bought this. This cost my parents 6k man!! dam sam tong lo, although nt my money la,haha...i promise my mum will not go to the 'place' anymore!! but duno can tahan anot leh~~ Hmmm, frankly speaking, i duno how to use a mac~~ but i will try to 摸清他的底,and i need to wait for yong jin come bak so that he can help me install mac de adobe and microsoft office!! haizz~~~



To be continue.....

I'm Officially SemBreak now!!!

Yay, babie!! im officially sembreak now!! Actually i could hav my sembreak earlier but because of that S.E.A, i have to delay my holiday!! Seriously i dont know why toa students have to study S.E.A subject, it's totally useless for us!! So, i went bak to toa this wednesday for taking the sea resit exam on 2 olcock. I actaully went there around 11 something to start studying the SEA note. In fact, i didnt study anything before that~~ Hmmm, luckily i manage to understand all the stupid culture in time thx for Loong Jin's help from ad-1 and then i went for the exam. OMG, wen i open the paper, i realize that all the question have to answer in essay form!! it's totally crazy man, if the student didnt study before, i confirm that guy will fail straight away!! it's harder than the previous final exam man !!! Haiz, fortunately, i finished answer all of them, and i wrote two pages full paper o,hohoho!! lame~~~ =.=

Hmmm, here's some photo that i took as a trial for the photography final

some of them not bad rite?? haha~~ ciaoz !!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Year 2 sem 2 sembreak !!!

For this sem conclusion, i can say that it's exciting and interesting. I luv most of the subject but not the sh S.E.A. Nthing dat i can learn from this subject though~~ If u ask me to choose, i would choose marketing, photography and marker rendering as my favourite subject. Not saying that im not keen for the others subject, im just love these subjects more than the others. Besides that, this is the 1st sem that i felt that i really need to rest and enjoy my sembreak life after the war ended. Although we could learn a lots of things throughout this sem, but i can say that this is the most hardest and pressure semester compare with those previous sem. Most challenging subject for me is marketing planning. It's like the elder bro to the previous sem's advertising principle. Not only asking you to come out wif 1 tvc, 3 prints ads and website, you actually need to plan how your media going around in the targeted market and the places u planning to deal with. Moreover, the idea u came out with isit working or isit the unknown sign of unselling your product? Frankly speaking, I spent almost everyday to plan for the project to ensure it going on the track. Moreover, everyday stay at tan v hse really made me sicked~~always look to the sky and asking myself, can i end this earlier then hurry go for a vacation after finish it off. hmmm, at least in the end, i got the reward for myself and my groupmate, at least our hardwork has paid well.
When im staying at tan v hse, i took this secnary down because its very nice, haha ~~ so old
What's on my mind nw? A rest for sure, enjoy my holiday well, and rdy for coming sem!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


As all my classmate know, I super duper hate finished art, therefore, in the other word, i hate packaging as well, since all the packaging design involve finished art in it!!! At 1st, I tot i will kena own by this subject d since i really hate and lazy to do any finished art stuff, but our lecturer allowed us to buy bottle or boxes as a part of our design, LOL !!! so, for this 2 final, i bought 1 uselss duno wat boxes for my soap packaging, and 1 more was a bottle that bought from IKEA (it cost me 15 bucks!! so expensive!!) Although i hate finished art, but somehow i realise that i love to design the layout of the packaing, this is what attract me that i can came so far for this packaging course. So in this sem, we hv to do 2 final, comparing wif our senior last sem, they oni did 1 !! how unfair is this!! sumore this sem f*king pressure, so these 2 i can say that both of them aso last minute work.

ignore the bookmark font, it reli suck, im stupid to used that font =.=v

final outcome~~

This soap packaging spent me around 2 or 3 days, 1st 2 days think about the layout and looking around to buy a suitable box for it. Personally, i dont think it looks nice, and abit overdo d, so yea ~~~n the mark i got consider average, haha

bookmark in sticker with different hero character, dam cute rite the character, haha~

layout for the pet food packaging ~~

final outcome
This is the pet food packaging final. My chosen pet is hamster. So at 1st, hamster, most of the kids and teenager like it, so i was like thinking that i shud make my layout desing be cute and funny, so i 'created' these all superhero character, every1 of them very cute rite? haha, i think kids for sure will buy it ~~~ n yea, i gt a good mark for this pet food final, hehe @@

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marker Render Final

hmmm, i can say dat, i like this subject, bt to doing it good, u nid a lots of 'a lots of time' really nid many time, it's around 6 hours minimum for every marker render. Actually, many ppl dont like this cz this reli spent them ridiculous time period for finish every assignment for only 1 week classes. Marker render + 2 piece figure drawing = HOLYSHIT !!! u surely find a death path for u if u r thinking dat u can finsh them all in last minute!! well, finally i can tahan till nw,hah @@

exam @@

Photography Final

So, as you can c, final...actually i dont reli fell like printing them out and frame them, cz it cost me 208 bucks for these all jz for this final, bt in the end, i printed them out and my heart like a knife stab me 99, my money burnt away d~~ But, at least, these pic help me to got a good grade in the end, so dat im nt dat sam thong la ~~~ n dat day, i c quite a lots good photo, our class n other class aso gt some of them got a really awesome photo, especially sueen, her 1 reli impressed me actually, reli godlike @@ ~~~

My favourite piece @@
So, total is 30, i got 27 out of it, quite a good mark yea? actually the result is not under my expectation, maybe im lucky enough?? lucky or nt, it's over d ~~~ and thx to Christopher for giving me a good grade, haha ~~ @@