Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cameron Trip =D

to be cont...

Corporate Identity : Understand your Client

This was the night after I back from broga hill. Frankly speaking, i was still very tired although i slept for around 7 hours after back from broga hill. I rmb that day i reach home at 10 and straight head to bed d...then woke up at 5 and then head to college find tanv them to bring them to the restaurant i gona do with. This restaurant call Ali cafe but in fact it's actually not the same boss with the previous Ali cafe restaurant boss. This young boss bought the franchise from Power Root and open his own Ali cafe with his own design and own business management. That night, i fetch tan v, yong jing, mike and his gf to Ali Cafe. Well my 1st impression to this restaurant was actually quite shocked, becz when i heard Ali cafe this word, i though that this restaurant is like those mamak store, but maybe this will look abit more higher class. In fact, I actually quite impress with their restaurant outlook and the interior design too. It's actually look quite modern and interesting.

cendol RM4.00

quite special actually for this

this either

the restaurant outlook actually looks nice

If u see properly, they are using Apple desktop for their customer to use it

This cafe actually selling local food like nasi lemak and so on, so it's kinda like Old town, Papparich, but I think their food is quite nice compare to the others, the only thing is that their choices of food is quite little, this is their disadvantage. Erm, well, i actually went through an interview conversation with the supervisor there, in order to get more information from them, since they got no website yet, it's actually quite hard for me to get their information if there's no website for me =.= ....well, everything goes well, around 10 we left Ali Cafe and head bak to sunway d. Well, hope that my decision of choosing this restaurant was correct~~~