Monday, December 26, 2011

Visiting To Perth, Australia

This is the 1st time i visited to Perth. Basically Im actually enjoying my semester break in Malaysia, but my mum was forcing me to came over here have a 'vacation', (not forcing, im actually love to travel around and take pictures =P ) bt in fact she's actually wanted me to avoid my nightlife in KL, sounds embarrassing, n yea, i wish to visit either Hong Kong or USA more acutally.... LOL....btw, i'm kinda like this place, the people over here are more polite, kind and yes, Many of them look Hot, u know what i mean =P

So yea, came here almost 3 weeks, it's actually quite fun over here with my cousin and his friends, and yea i met many new friends over here, I will remember them forever, but still, i miss my msia friends as well, and yea, i nvr go for clubbing almost 2 weeks after i depart to Perth! such a healthy lifestyle i having here, but yea, last 2 days which is the night be4 christmas eve, me n my cousin frens went 2gather to an Asian Club, seriously, i prefer club over here compare to msia 1.

My wannabe Cousin, Jaxtin

King's Park View

At last, i wanted to say that i really miss malaysia food! Nasi lemak ayam, Chao Kui Tiao, Curry Chicken and many many more! I will be bak to msia on 31 of Dec which is this saturday to celebrate new year eve wif my beloved hengdai at G6 club, come and meet me there! c ya! Cheers! =)

*My next holiday station should be Hong Kong, looking forward!*

*will upload more photos wen im free!*