Monday, November 30, 2009

My very 1st time to Club !!!

pl & girls

girls & blur sze wei

this thursday nite was another ordinary yum cha outing wif my gang at oug psr mlm. I fetch wing shing to park leng hse 1st while sze wei aledi reach his hse...wen enter pl's room, sze wei ask us wana go club wif him n his fren!! i asnwer him yes without thinking becz i wanted to go dere long time ago!! haha...well, we go yum cha at steven after fetching sheep...we blow water until 11 den went home n get rdy. I fetch sheep n wing shing home den 11 sumthin oni reach home, den quickly change my shirt n pants, den sze wei's car reach d...he drive like the car no nid petrol like tat cz his fren was waiting him at mos and gona kill him...well, actually tat nite we got oni 1 girl wif us, bt luckily i called ee kang and ask him to invite lenglui cum, so yea...3 lenglui came, which is jaycee and her sis, and jacklyn, n aso 3 more guys came, which is ee kang n bla bla, total 7 guys, include me,sze wei,park leng and sze wei fren...we enter around 1 sumthing!! oni 1 n the half hour can i drank around 7 cup of alchohol, den getting high d, went in the dance pool and dance, startin i was like a rock, no response 1, den slowly slowly get used to it...haha...jaycee and her sis reli brave, stand on the stage and dance, 100% seducing, lol!! so the party end at 3, sze wei n michelle drunk...sze wei became crazy, shout here shout dere, paiseh....we yum cha a while until 4 den say farewell to jc and ee kang...i reach home around 5 sumthing, end of story....well, it's a fun place and wanted to go dere again, haha ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday Bday celebration!!!

Last sunaday, was the day tat celebrate my mum and grandma my hse. well, nt reli get the fun becz i was doing the f*king sketch book and figure final in my room the whole day !! So, the celebration started at 7 and im still doing my stuff in my room until 8 sumthing oni came dwn and grab sum food..den went up again and cont my some pic of that day

kit yen and amily

the party end at 9 sumthing while others family like marcus's, my uncle's,aunty alice's and amily 1 still staying here to blow water...they left around 12...den i cont bak my work,sien lo = =

well, i work until 4 sumthing den woke up at 8 sumthin!!! reli godlike....

here's sum nice photo after of slightly of edited..enjoy =)


oya...i try to made a bday card for them, but sunday got no printing shop in buisness,so cant print it out on time..well, i guess it's nice though..giv sum comment abt it =P

until den,ciaoz !!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Day of College !!!!

well, technically, today's not the last day but is already holiday but every one is going to submit their sketch book for god sake of the grade!! every one care about their grade though, so do I, i worked for my figure final project until 4 sumthing den woke up at 8 sumthing,but still the final still look kns (kanasai),haih...btw, i used to it during college day,everyday slept for 5 or 4 hours den go coll hand up the sketch book and final project to the lecturer then went to watch 2012 !!! well, honestly it's a holyshit movie!! seriously nice man!! same level wif transformer,haha...

rate 9.5/10
well, gt no lubang for this movie except there's abit boring during the middle part =P
After movie, went bak home den 9 o clock went out yum cha + cod again, well..jz try to relax in this's time to rest for the war and relax my hectic soul that suffered during the battle,lol i aso duno wat i'm saying...k la, i will end here,ciaoz !!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tri - Birthday celebration !!!

So's my third time birthday celebration...wheres the 1st and 2nd time was at the one campus...the every celebration i always let my college mate prank and kena cake cream lotion on my face !! ( i will rmb 3 of u , mh,tan v and eekang!!! o0o) Btw, ytrday celebrate me and another girl's bday which is sze kei from toa!! Technically, i duno her very well, becz we jz chat in msn 2 or 3 times...but maybe it's's super concidence that have a girl which is same day,same month, same year born wif me!!! and sumore study in toa!!! so reach the place around 8 and eekang dey all reach around 8 sumthing becz eekang cut his bloody 'nice' hair!! well, cant rmb tat restaurant de name...the food dere...really..beh tahan...nt paying worth to eat!! And tat emily...brought her dog came..but that restaurant anti dog instead of anti cat!! WTF?! they insist of not letting amily's dog having dinner wif no choice, amily hav to accompany her dog in kit yen's, basically wat we did is took pic, eat 'unworthy' food, chat around and bla bla bla....after bday wishing, let them cake cream face lotion again...really dulan...around 11 sumthing, we left tat place and all of them went home...but me,sheep,wing shing and km not full decided to head to a thai food restaurant and eat our supper and this supper cost around 70 bucks !! but i prefer this thai food restaurant wif that bloody noob restaurant on the we went home around 1 sumthing after finish's a awesome night!! haha, thx to everyone who attend to this celebration!! =)

Amily and her 9 years old dog

Han Jie and Jia Min

Ice cream and Jacklyn

Eekang and his 'gf ' ??

SHeep 'he think he very yeng'

Ee Kang noob hair!! haah

ME and Sze Kei

Thai Food
My most satisfying pic...but blur >.<

Sarah Bella

Until den, bye !!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ATLAS !! DRAMA class finished !!

Yi hao's group.. old era emperor

Rocky's group

Daniel's group

My group (han jie's not)

candid shot, look retarded xD

today was my final drama presentation and it will start at 2 pm !! so since my group just finished the script ytrday night basically, we got no rehearsel at all until this morning, all of us gather at km new hse on 7 sumthing !!! and start our 1st rehearsel !!! we just roughly go through all the scene we got and we went to college about 12 somthing. and THEN, only start to discuss with those calefe which consist of around 11 male actor !! Thx to them, my group oni can score a good grade!! with their help, our drama look more dramatic and interesting!! we just roughly go through some scene which need their help...but we still manage to make it on time!! acutally, there's many lubang for some scene, but luckily gary doesnt realize !! xD so at last, our group score an A!!! omg!!! i shud eat more chicken rice and 拜拜!! haha...well done to my group mate too, all of them did well.. time to think about it!! just looking forward for saturday dinner ( or perhaps lunch? )

gtg, ciaoz !!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The most pressure presentation!! >.<

My culture group member ^^^ (tan v ffk)

well, today my group going to have a presentation for culture and society in malaysia this dam bloody hell subject, technically, it's totally useless subject and waste of time...(but still slightly better than the holyshit god dammit drama class!! ) my group member is yihao,kin meng,amily chong,tan v and jia min n of course me la, so my group member had did a good work for this presentation, thank for you guys!! (felt abit guilty for jia min , sory ah >.<) At least marion doesn't say any F* word toward us and just giving some critique..well, all of us felt super pressure during the preparation since the previous group let her stab and shoot like using Ak 47 + RPD + MP4 combo = holyshit *gg* ...den our turn, luckily wat we present are abit related to black, if nt aso like the previous group, *gg* haha... And aso to my *good* fren lai wah a.k.a amily chong, hope u faster recover lo, the thing at ur shoulder, i c liao aso beh tahan! hope got no scar at there in the future, good luck! haha =) i will end here,until den, bye!!