Monday, March 29, 2010

Crazy Coco Night !!

well, this was the second time i came here, honestly, i rather go to MOS but that day gt event, too exp, no choice i hav to go again, haha. Im not really feel like going coco because this was the place that i lost my beloved hp !!! used oni around 3 months!! @$@#%@#@....btw, actually that nite planning to go insomia which introducing by elynn. When we reach infront of insomia, every1 of us stun, because there's oni few ppl inside the club!! so we quickly change to MOS, but den MOS gt event!! dam exp !! no choice go for coco, No nid talk opera, every1 banned it!! Well, this nite nt really bad though, i enjoyed very much, but i dun think others did, cause dey r bz dere finding those drunktard and bring dem out, example, second up new born legend...(the champion was our hero-Guo Song) well, every1 drunk dat nite, except sheep, eekang, and those girls, dey quite pity, have to bring us to mamak and let ppl scold because some of us (drunktard) vomit on the floor!! n jie hao even wana 1 on 1 at the mamak...well, there's alot more to talk about if cont like this, i think i wil end here!! ciaoz! ~

Tan V Bday 2010 !!

Well, my buddy bday celebration at sunway pyramid duno wat restaurant, i always rmb the name 1...he's officially 20 NOW!!! well, 20 d, hope u grow more mature and dont be lazy anymore, this is wat i hope for u in this year,haha!!
All the best to u in this year!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Opera Nite !!!

well, i forgot wat's the date i been there, but this was the first time i organize the club party~hehe @@

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dato Nelson Kwok!!

Erm today was a very wonderful day or can say a very tiring day, because im super bz from early morning till now 11 o clock. So 1st thing i did 2day was having a meeting with Datuk Nelson Kwok. Well, basically we just wanted to get some item from him. So our group go all the way to his HQ to c him and get the things we want. Well,luckily we got to take pic wif him although he was super bz den. After saying byebye to him, we quickly rush bak to college for our moral exam but the exam was started 5 or 10 minutes be4 we reach the college, so no choice, we have to delay our test to the other class. After the test, it's alreay 4 o clock, we quickly rush bak to my hse and prepare everything for the shooting nearby my skul, but 1 very serious problem happen which was the uncle's bike couldnt start engine, and we were like O.M.G !! no choice, i call all the people to his hse and help him pull all the way to the skul, it's like around 2 to 3 km man!!! it's really killed me while im pushing the bike. Well, the shooting not really going well though, left 1 more take nid to retake,aikz!! nvm after we help the uncle push bak the bike all the way to his hse, we went to ajimal to yum cha and hav our dinner (yihao,me,tanv, fei sin) and den meet up wif my gang which is ken lee, ming yang and wing shing. We blow water until 8 sumthing den i fetch dem bak. 2day was a very tiring day but i think it's worth it?? i think so? hehe,at least i can take pic wif Dato Nelson Kwok?