Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Model shooting after so long.....*Model: Jessic Tan*


my favorite <3

It's so random actually for this shooting's actually one day a girl from facebook that i don't know but its in my friendlist, and she ask me to come join her for studion shooting in the early morning.....and dat girl was now my 拍照好友, name call wevi chong, LOL!!! so yea early morning i date edison wei come wif me aso. We were late to meet them up at ampang....wen we reach dere, wevi told me it's actually an interview for hiring photographer....i was like wtf?! nvm, we went for the interview....and there's actually 2 other guys which is adrian, a very busy man wif his design and event job, and also 宏宏, can say a pro photographer, LOL....

after interview, we plan to go for shooting for wevi fren at sepang.....starting im ok becz i actually duno hw far sepang is, if i know, i confirm wont go d, LOL!!! we reach sepang around 5.30, and it's actually a good timing for shooting, but yet it's so limited time for shooting aso.....Frankly, i think jessic not bad, since that's the 1st time she into model shooting....haha, well dat day's actually a hectic day, but yet it's a productive day, im satisfied~~~ =D

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Holiday! =D

Wuhooo~~~ this holiday was actually quite enjoyable, got to hang out with new friends and took some photo with them....And i felt that the holiday ended so fast! I still got many things to do in the holiday leh!!! During holiday, all my schedules almost full 1, woke up den str8 away go for appointments, dates, got no time to sit infront of my laptop and watch *HK drama or any downloaded movie aso!!! i knew many new friends during this holiday, most of them are great, i will try to list out their name here....

Wevi Chong, a very serious female photographer i ever met, and i think she's quite talented in model shooting....

Jessic, wevi's friend. she's the 1st model i shot during holiday....she look good, and adorable....hahaha....

Adrian, a very hardworking and busy designer working in certain company, he's very talkatvie sometimes, i do luv to chat wif him sometimes....he's also a event organizer too, well...he's too busy until haven't accept my friend request till now ~~~

Edison Wei, another very serious in photography de photographer and i think he's also very talented in model shooting....Sometimes he's quite crazy, luv to hang out during night time at Kl 'night street' @@

Matthew Chen, what i can say he's a handsome guy, love to earn money, and perhaps like to flirt around? LOL!!! btw, we are partners now and future, we have to fight harder for the policy yea!

Edison Tea, a very nice bouncer in Mist and Milk.

Amanda Ng, A very innocent girl....look pretty aso ~~~ but stay too far, setapak....there's my nightmare now ~~~~

See Cherseng, a canon 5D mark 2 user i 1st met, same age wif me, had a very mature skill in photography, especially model shooting, well, he's aso very good to chat with, a kind man, haha~~

Keivin, For me, he's personality abit childish, LOL!!! but aso a nice person la, hahaha!!! xP

Sheila's father, A very successful man i can glad to met him in this moment, thx for guiding me....and he's very kind and talkative sometimes, n yea luv to drink alcohol very much, jz like me, LOL.....

hmmm i think got more, but i got no time to describe all in this moment, hahaha, sorry if forgot to talk about u my frens, haha >.<

new friend, Jessic

new friend, Wevi =)