Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ops back to my lovely blog once again =)

oyea, just finished my super duper long sem break, it's awesome!! i met alots of new friends during this period, (n yea, i actually lost contact wif my old frens) thx to my 'part time' job. Seriously, i enjoy a lots during this sem break, met new ppl, party all night long, yum cha until vomit and rush for appointments. erm well, it's actually a new experience for me and i think this new experience might lead me far in the future which is the skill of communication and networking experience. Btw, new sem began, some of the people changed and some of them remain the same, but i cant care too much of it d, i will just appreciate wat i got now and go for it with a new journey, wif my new people. Just look at me, i will fking show u wat i got!! =)