Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random ~

2day, was the 1st time in this year, so early woke up in the morning which is 6 sumthing early morning, the reason i woke up early 2day becz my mum asked me to accompany she n my grandma to hospital bodycheck....omg....so early man....haih no choice, i'm a filial son and aso grand child, so i teman dem go hospital...well, since gt nthing to do in the car, i decided to bring a long my dick zai and try to take sum pic.....so it's freaking bored dere, btw, i'm kinda proud of myself, cz i can't spot any grand child are teman-in their grandma or grandpa to hospital, so yea ^.^v !! bodycheck until 11 sumthing, den head bak to home n took a nap...zzzz

And aso...new semester cuming soon, well...nthing hope for this cuming sem, jz try to do my best, n it's alrite!! haha =) btw, looking forward to the people who working with me as a team in this sem, hope it's a good team la...if nt very pressure =.= and aso, beta stop clubbing d, although i wanted to go dere again....bt...jz depend to the situation la, hahaha =P

until den, BYE ~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Celebration !!

So ytrday nite was christmas eve...so our gang plan to go clubbing at sunway new club, Opera and i was thinking it will be oni our gang and park leng,jun hin, Kit shuan n his bro going...unexpectedly, so many ppl came and join us...so technically, we count down outside the club while we were waiting to enter the club...omg...seriously, too crowded, cant even walk inside dere, every1 became satin fish, hot and sweaty...well, it's too late to regeret...so we open 5 bottle of black label...starting was every1 keep drink oni becz cant go anywhere, no place for u to walk...so many drunk ytrday nite, i was the one,haha....

i cant rmb wen i getting drunk, n seriously cant reli rmb wat i did after i drunk,omg....i jz rmb i keep eat lemon n drink lemon water oni wen i sitting on a cool n luxuries chair..woot @@ den let ppl hold me to mamak...drink limau ice again...omg...sudenly i vomit exactly on the place i sitting,haha...very beh tahan the feeling while vomit...ishh...i barely can c every1 was down n drunk n sitting like me which is wan die wan die like tat, n aso said many bullshit in fact dey duno wat dey saying, include me,haha...went yum cha n 88 a while, so wat i noe tat is wing shing was the 1st 1 to down n aso lost his spec,haha...kit meng aso the 1....many funny stuff happen la...well, seriously thx to jaycee n her sis, taking care of those drunktards, include me....felt sorry to jaycee let ppl scold!! >.< oyea n aso thx to daniel, my classmate, lol...he take care of me the whole nite =)

erm....i think every1 hv fun ytrday nite, bt nt jc n her sis....hmm it's consider a very gud nite and gud beginning for new year!! yea ! =P
Btw, merry xmas to every1 out dere, hope u all hv fun too!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sabah Trip !!

Here's some of the pic i took at sabah, will upload more if i gt time, enjoy ;)

Mh...duno y he so excited...xD

Kah Chun rape by mh 2 times on the flight @@

Tan V goodbye kiss ;)

observe kah chun nub face,haha ;)

taken by mh =)