Tuesday, February 14, 2012


From last sem, what i learned which i think it's the most interesting one would be this, publication, although i never go for any critique until the final submission, but yet i still could able to get a average result from this, im kinda satisfied d, hahahaha! =P

So basically im more into graphic style and also a typography lover with applying variety of colors. From this book, u will kinda get what i explained from the above. I created this book in 2 weeks time with 100 pages above. It's all about how the beer change the world. Well, it's might sound abit exaggerated but in fact it's actually the truth that how the beer inspired the mankind in all kind of invention and invested like how the beer helped people build the wonders of the world, pyramid and more.

well here's some graphic style that i created for my book, u may have a look =)

cover of the book

Graphic style of the book

poster of the book/ chapter of the book

experiment in variety of graphic style with different colors

Another graphic style experiment

Well, if u wanted to look for the real hard copy which is the book, u can ask from me, hehe =P
that's all i wanted to say, bye!

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