Sunday, April 29, 2012

Special Day =)

2day was bersih 3.0.....well, it's just another saturday for me, nthing special, bt 1 thing is that im really dissapointed about malaysia's politic and corruption. I wish that i can quickly immigrate to the other country, maybe australia, hahaha!  =D  I give respect to the yellow warriors who went to the Bersih 3.0 event just now, u guys are awesome! yea, im nt really care about this by the way......

Oyea, here's some pictures for a new club call 'Papparazzi' and im the incharge of this club for every saturday now onwards! Well last week had our 1st trial and it's basically successful night, applause to my dearest colleague, thx for their hard work. And this week gona be a challenging week, to maintain our target. *For free guestlist or table rsvp pls do call me, 016-2151139 lee shen* hahaha  =P

Well, i guess i hav to stable my friday n saturday work so dat i can proceed to monday and friday morning job, still delaying till now, omg.......and yea, gona buy a car in the coming week, duno wat car yet, well, gona be a pressure for me, yea stil a bit of pressure is good, so that i can control myself from spending so much on the other stuff ~~~

oyea, i jz update my song playlist, maybe you should have a look, listen the song i update, one of it became my favorite, 'Drenched''s really nice, you would fall in love to it for sure.....btw, gona go now, will be continue for the latest post.....ciaoz!   =)

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